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Evolve – Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Evolve is made from 100% recycled PET post-consumer content. Uniquely utilising mixed coloured PET as attractive food packaging. As the products are created from a natural mix of recycled PET, their colour will vary. The different palettes of colours enable consumers to recognise they use a recycled and circular product. The Evolve trays are reliably detected by existing sorting infrastructure and returned to the mixed jazz stream where they can be recycled into new food safe products again and again.

faerch evolve sustainable packaging

Retailer interest in these revolutionary new trays is strong as public demand for sustainable and circular products increases rapidly. Evolve complies with the strictest food regulations keeping food safe in the entire temperature range between -40C and + 220C. It is quickly outperforming alternative packaging materials in particular on food safety, recycled content, and recyclability.

Retailers who switch to the new product line can join an innovative recycling programme offered. An identical quantity of the volume of evolve trays a retailer sells through their stores will be sourced as post-consumer waste locally and recycled into new food grade trays at one of Faerch’s production sites.