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About Versatile Packaging

Versatile Packaging was formed in July 1998 in a small office situated in Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan. The name Versatile Packaging originated from the vision for the company:

“to retain versatility and innovation ensuring that our packaging solutions continue to evolve and surpass the rapid ever-changing needs of our customers.”

Both directors have an extensive food production background, which enables Versatile Packaging to give a ‘hands-on’ solution to customers. The company started off with one employee and as it quickly started to grow they moved to larger office premises in Castleblayney with 5 employees. As the business continued to expand, the company moved to its current location in Silverstream Business Park in Silverstream, Co. Monaghan in July 2007.

In the early years of business, the first client of Versatile Packaging was Northern Delights who is still a valued customer today. Some of Versatile’s notable customers include: Manor Farm, Western Brand, Mash Direct, Glenisk, Ballymaguire Foods and Swift Fine Foods. Now in its 20th year in business, Versatile Packaging is one of the leading suppliers of equipment in Ireland & the UK for Modified Atmosphere Packaging, Film Roll recovery and Weigh, Fill and Seal applications.

The company currently retains 25 employees. Versatile Packaging employees are an essential and fundamental element of all company activities. It is only because of their dedication that the goals for the business will be achieved – and Versatile are profoundly aware of how important they are in creating value.

Continuing developments call for management’s scrutiny. New packaging materials replace traditional ones — uncommon shapes, dual purpose, recyclability, attractive look and other new features. Ultimately, a package may become a product’s differential advantage or at least a significant part of it. Versatile Packaging offer a complete range of specialised packaging materials including barrier, anti-fog and dual oven-able films, ready meal packaging and rigid containers. Recent developments have prompted even greater attention to packaging. Retailers are likely to purchase and display products having attractive functional packaging. Many food products are also now packaged so that they can go straight from the shelf or freezer into an oven.

Versatile Packaging’s policy is to supply quality products at affordable prices with the assurance of guaranteed unprecedented customer service back up for all our customers. Customer satisfaction with all our products and services is of paramount importance and our work ethic has ensured that Versatile enjoys a high level of new & repeat business.

With Versatile Packaging as a partner there is a wide selection of products, sizes and styles to choose from and get the quantity you need, when you need it, so whether you fulfill 500 orders a month or 50,000, Versatile has got your packaging needs covered and will help your business succeed.

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