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Lidding and Films

Lidding & Films

Versatile Packaging can provide innovative solutions to manufacturers’ packaging challenges. From basic food packaging structures to advanced packaging designs, Versatile Packaging Films provide advanced performance, unparalleled quality, and economical pricing.  More than a packaging film company, Versatile Packaging has become a leadind supplier in flexible film combining the science of “what works” with the innovation of “what if” to collaborate with suppliers of films and pouches to help create possibilities. Versatile Packaging also offer Film Roll Slitting and Roll Recovery services.

Working with customers around Ireland, Versatile Packaging has built a reputation for delivering the highest levels of quality, technology, and service to manufacturers of meat, dairy, bakery, poultry, seafood, fresh produce, snacks, ready meals, and a variety of non-food products.

From basic shrink / vacuum bags to specialty pouches, thermoforming films that fit your needs to lidding films that seal in success, Versatile Packaging have the solutions to all your flexible / Rigid packaging needs.

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