Alu Foil Trays

Foil Alu Trays

Look no further for Foil / Alu Trays. We offer a comprehensive range of Aluminium Foil Trays / Containers that provide the perfect packaging solution for Butcher, Catering, Retail, Industrial manufacturers of Food & Wholesalers to the Food Service Industry.

They offer a convenient, cost-effective method of packaging for a wide variety of food types. Alu Foil Containers can withstand a wide range of temperature ranges so are great for carrying hot and cold foods. They are lightweight and offer some barrier protection and are corrosion resistant.

If cleaned thoroughly after use, they are highly sought after by recyclers as aluminium is a popular recyclable material.

Aluminium trays are easily stackable, convenient, practical and with excellent leak-resistance they secure your product and preserve your flavours ensuring your product reaches your customers in prime condition.

All our Alu Foil Food Trays / Containers conform to European and FDA Regulations.

Smoothwall Trays

Smoothwall Foil Alu Trays

Our Smoothwall trays have a smooth rim, which allows each tray to be heatsealable with various film / lidding. Gas flushing techniques can be incorporated into the filling and sealing phases of meal production. The robust construction enables sleeves and cartons to be lightweighted, reducing total pack costs.


Chilled & Frozen ready meals, desserts, fish, pasta, marinated meat joints, vegetables and various whole birds for roasting such as chickens, ducks and turkeys.

Advantages of  smoothwall foils include:

Solid construction – safe, rigid in oven, shatterproof when frozen, offers leakproof seal, can extend shelf life using MAP/CAP, Minimizes handling of raw meat/poultry.

Wrinklewall Trays

Wrinkle wall Foil AluTrays

Wrinkle wall aluminium foil containers are widely used to pack and store both chilled and hot foods, especially where stiffness and exposure to high temperatures are needed.

Our wrinkle wall foil trays are ideal to be used in restaurants, take-aways, fast food chains, cafés, market stalls and catering business’ due to its resistance to high temperature.


Chilled salads, hot meals, hot food desserts, fish, rice, pasta, marinated meat joints, and for roasting vegetables.

Advantages of wrinkle wall foils include: 

The Aluminium Wrinklewall Foil Tray helps to preserve the flavour of the food, doesn’t react with acidic foods, and is corrosion resistant – so it will last a longer period of time.

Accessories for foil tray containers

Foil Trays

Foil Ovenable Dividers

Ovenable dividers are a fantastic way to enhance your food presentation. Direct from the chilled display to the oven. They divide the tray into numerous sections. Cradling the food in the retail pack whilst in transit prevents food from moving around, thus enhancing product presentation.

Ovenable dividers are specifically designed for your foil or C-PET tray. Single or double sided, with or without absorbency. Size of compartments to suit your application. Many sizes available or complete bespoke service to suit.


A convenient board lid with the option of foil lining on the inside will lock in flavor and prevent leakage providing safe transport of your product. Our 2 / 3 compartment lids perfectly fit our compartment trays for extra container security and preserve individual flavours. Many sizes and lid variations are available.

Lidding Film

Lidding Film for coated and uncoated aluminium trays provides the securest packaging solutions with a high barrier effect. Suitable for extending shelf-life with Modified Atmosphere they also offer easy sealing and opening. This is the ideal solution for Ready-Made meals, Oven-ready or marinated Fish, Poultry & Meat.

Versatile Packaging are exclusively offering ‘ground breaking’ alu foil trays.

Ultra i2r range

A new aluminium smoothwall product that “is set to shake-up the food packaging industry” and is exclusive in Ireland to Versatile Packaging.

The patent protected and design registered, i2r Ultra, uses a new style of embossing to increase stress resistance and thereby reducing the gauge, price point and environmental impact of the product.

The stronger, yet lightweight tray design has subsequently undergone significant independent scientific testing and validation. The specialist rib and base configuration provides an increase in structural strength and is said to deliver a reduction in weight against market equivalents.

The inclusion of an Alu recyclable logo and a ‘rinse & recycle’ message, helps provide the consumer with a clear and strong environmental call-to-action, assisting to further promote the already high levels of aluminium recycling.