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We can provide you with the complete solution for your every food packaging needs. We deliver a wide range of plastic and aluminium food containers and we are one of the leading packaging suppliers in Ireland and the UK. Get to know our products to see how we can help you package your food in a way that augments its appeal.

High quality food packaging is a critical component to the safety and success of your product. Keep your food looking its best while retaining its freshness so you can sell like never before. Our team is willing to push the limits to provide the food packaging products needed to not only display your work; but enhance it.
We are a supplier of various food packaging solutions. Our Products serve meat, seafood, poultry, game, fruit, vegetables, pet food, seeds, nuts, dried fruit, dairy products, bakery and deli packaging. Our containers can be specifically sourced to precisely fit your products and displays. Our environmental awareness and constant search for low costs and competitiveness led us to now stock a vast range of Sustainable food packaging solutions.

Our food packaging containers can be made from various plastics. We have a large selection of PP & PET trays including RPET, APET, & CPET. There is also the option to order PET trays with a PP layer or PE laminate, whichever will best work for your application and use requirements. We stock the classic rectangular and cylindrical receptacles in a variety of sizes. We stock Gastro trays in a variety of sizes: half, quarter, sixth, eighth. We also host a vast range of smooth wall Aluminium trays giving your product strength and convenience. For even greater variety, we provide divided plastic food containers with up to four compartments.

Our typical plastic trays are black or transparent, however, we can offer you a wide range of colour options: Purple, green, blue, grey etc., and even dual colour: Red / Black, Grey / Black, Green / Black etc. These styles allow for eye-catching combinations of colourful food items packed together in an attractive parcel to help your product stand out on a crowded shelf.

If you have any queries or you would like to arrange a free consultation, you can contact us today using the form below and one of our team will respond to your query.

Some of the many options for food packaging we have to offer:

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

SkinPack Ready Meals

Meat Packaging

Poultry & Game Packaging

Fish \ Seafood Packaging

Ready Meal Packaging

Deli Packaging

Fruit Packaging

Bakery Packaging

Fresh Produce Packaging

Dairy Packaging

Nuts, Seeds & Dried Fruit Packaging