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Social responsibility, respect & care for the environment require action today while keeping an eye on the future – view our eco friendly range:

EVOLVE  – 100% made from Recycled Trays and 100% Fully Recyclable

evolve by faerch

Evolve is a natural CPET, a form of recyclable plastic. The new material is easily detectable at recycling plants across Ireland and the UK. Switching to Evolve would remove up to 1,003 metric tonnes of hard-to-recycle plastic each year.

The Evolve range is a fantastic development in sustainable packaging innovation and we’re proud to be introducing our new, fully recyclable trays for our customers.

As the packaging is made entirely from recycled PET bottles and trays the packaging might be a different colour each time it is produced, depending on what is being recycled – varying from pink and red tones to shades of green and blue.

This is an exciting example of packaging innovation that helps us move out of hard-to-recycle black plastic into a rainbow of recycled content that can be recycled again and again.

This is a TRULY sustainable packaging solution offering Tray to Tray recycling.

rPET – Recycled Polyethylene

rpet recycled food packaging

While all PET is fully recyclable, RPET has the extra benefit of being made with recyclable material. Up to 80% of the RPET tray contains raw materials of recycled PET reducing the polymer and oil raw material used to manufacture.

The extra benefit to using RPET is that not only is it predominately made from recycled material but it uses less energy to make an RPET tray than it does to make a virgin PET tray.

Due to reduced weight/material usage and high recycled content the carbon footprint of raw material used in this innovative RPET tray, offerings are in excess of 85% lower than virgin mono PP food trays.

See our RPET Packaging Page for more info.


KP Elite Trays

Unique recyclable MAP solution

kp Elite® offers this modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) solution for fresh protein that delivers end-to-end sustainability. This award-winning product is made with up to 100% recycled PET (rPET), which is recyclable, highly efficient, reduces food waste and extends shelf-life.
  • Made with up to 100% recycled PET
  • Very low carbon footprint
  • Recyclable tray (mono material)*
  • Maximum strength with minimum weight
  • Reduced food waste
  • Exceptional clarity (only 5% haze)
  • Improved presentation
  • Reduced leakage
  • Extended shelf life

Read more about our Elite Range here

kp Infinity

epp recyclable infinity

Welcome to a revolutionary innovation in sustainable fresh protein packaging with kp Infinity® – the fully recyclable choice with a low carbon footprint. kp Infinity® is taking expanded polypropylene (EPP) into the future.

Read more about our Infinity Range here


compostable food to go packaging
Made from sugarcane and plant starch, the Bagasse range is 100% compostable*. Renewable & Compostable Sugarcane containers are grease and cut resistant alternatives to traditional petroleum-derived plastics or foam. Sturdy and versatile, they can handle a wide variety of foods. Made from reclaimed and rapidly renewable sugarcane fibers. Renewable, compostable, both EN 13432 and ASTM D6868 compliant.

*will depend on local waste collection facilities

** must go for industrial composting cannot go into household compost facilities

Kraft Paper Products

kraft paper trays

Kraft food trays for sustainable and practical food-to-go packaging. These containers are made from recycled paperboard, which means they can be commercially composted after use.

They’re made from a recycled material, and can be used to serve both hot and cold food.  Whether you’re packaging salads or fast food, these trays will be able to handle the job.

Please note that all compostable packaging must go into industrial composting facilities. If you are unsure of what packaging material to choose for your product please see this handy guide from Repak:

Is Compostable Packaging really A Solution to Plastic Waste?

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