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Shawpak Thermoforming Packaging Machine

Shawpak Thermoform Machine

The Shawpak SP-32-20 is a revolutionary machine offering a thermoforming solution to your packaging needs that is totally unique.

Amazingly compact, portable, flexible, energy efficient and above all, very competitively priced.

These are just a few of its unique attributes. The shawpak is just so different – its tiny size and flexible layout means that it can be configured in so many different ways to suit the customer’s requirements.

There are no gripper chains and no trim, leading to much less maintenance, contamination and down-time. Coupled with this, the product is placed into the mould that creates the form, meaning no blister edges can ever be trapped in the seal.

The philosophy with the design is based on producing packs in a single lane format. This simplifies the operation of the machine and leads to precise control of forming and, more critically, sealing parameters. This control leads to incredible repeat ability which can be recorded and data logged.

Another great benefit is that coding and labeling is kept simpler on a single lane basis.

While single lane may sound limiting, with cycle times of less than 3 seconds we are confident that shawpak will meet the majority of tasks both economically and efficiently.

The Shawpak machine has been designed and developed by a team of engineers from Riverside Medical Packaging and is exclusively available in Ireland from Versatile Packaging.

Download Shawpak SP-32-20 Product Specification

Medical Packaging

The need for sterile instruments imposes strict, complex requirements for the packaging and sterile barrier systems used at hospitals, dental offices, and other clinical facilities, with their mix of delicate multi-use instruments. Packaging design should be an integral element of all infection‑control programs.

Our Tamper Evident (also known as Tamper Proof) pots are used for packaging a wide range of products including powders, gels, pastes, greases, lotions, food stuffs, granules, tablets, pills. A variety of markets, including automotive, angling, equine, veterinary, pharmaceutical, leisure, health and beauty, hair care,cosmetics and toiletries, use our jars/pots.


The ShawSeal TS2 touchscreen pneumatic pouch & sachets sealer

As with the original PPS sealers, seal temperature, pressure and dwell time settings can all be altered. However the sealer will not allow operation until the set-points have been reached, removing the risk of a pouch being sealed with the wrong settings. These settings can only be altered via a PIN protected screen, giving an added layer of security to the operation.

Cutting-edge touchscreen technology

Within the touchscreen interface are a number of tools which every company will find useful, including batch and master counters and a ‘calibration due’ and ‘calibration expired’ notification. Also present within the unit is the ability to ‘data-log’ every seal actuation. Once activated, the seal temperature, pressure and dwell time are logged along with a time and machine serial number stamp. This data can then be exported out as a spreadsheet allowing the TS2 and its sealing process to be comprehensively and reliably validated.

Quality, efficiency and repeat ability

Designed and manufactured in house by Riverside, the pouch/sachet sealers have a number of unique features that are standard to all units. Combined with that a wide choice of options are available offering the customer a product which suits their specific sealing requirements.

The units are compact and attractively finished with all external surfaces being stainless steel or powder coated making them ideal for cleanroom or laboratory sitting, whilst under the cover units are superbly engineered, being robustly constructed to cope with the demand of day in, day out production.

The heat seal process is achieved by a heated platen jaw pressured against a silicone gasket. The heated jaw is available in 4 different standard profiles or can be produced to customer specification. With the combinations available the ShawSeal can cope with the most delicate of medical peel pouches through to heavy gauge laminate bags.

ShawSeal units require a 240V electrical supply and a 5 bar (70 PSI) compressed air supply. The seal process is activated via a low voltage foot actuator (or via the touchscreen HMI) and cannot be interrupted or re-energised until the cycle is complete.

Three sizes of sealing widths are available

Starting at the ShawSeal PPS300-TS2 which can accommodate sealing widths up to 320 mm. For widths up to 420 / 520 mm ShawSeal PPS400-TS2 AND PPS500-TS2 are the solution. Units can be supplied for bench mounting or complete with stand.

All units come with a full instruction leaflet, which incorporates calibration certificate, cleaning & maintenance plan, parameter set up chart and service log. For units set up with the data logging functionality, all software and leads are included. Each TS2 has a one year guarantee.

The ShawSeal TS2 range is quite simply the best available in the market place. With their reliability the customer can rest assured that downtime is a thing of the past and production lines can keep running hour after hour. The seal quality and repeat ability along with a process that can be fully validated will impress operatives and put any quality manager’s mind at ease.