Complaint Handling

Complaints Handling

Our clients have the right to comment, compliment or complain about any of the services provided by Versatile Packaging. Responding effectively to comments, compliments and complaints received and learning from them is key to providing high quality customer focused services. Best practice identifies what clients want when they provide feedback and we have used this information to build on and enable a system which will meet these requirements.

It is your right to make a complaint if you believe that standards of our products or our services fall short of what is acceptable. If you need to make a complaint, we want the process to be easy, effective and fair. We are committed to providing a complaints management system that allows us to listen and respond to feedback in accordance with our complaints procedures.

Complaints Procedures

Any customer complaints details are recorded on the Non-conformance form and the corrective and preventive action record. It is important to give us as much detail about the complaint including photos, samples of the packaging, batch number etc.

All complaints will be investigated and root cause ascertained and corrective / preventive action carried out. Where applicable, the supplier will be requested to complete their part of the non-conformance report.

The target is that Complaints are closed out within 10 working days of receipt; however, Versatile Packaging will also take into account our customer requirements on time scale for close out of complaints.

Where product testing, supplier investigation or equipment modification is required, the complaint may be open for longer than 10 days and this will be communicated to the customer.

Depending on the seriousness of a complaint / complaints, it may be appropriate to carry out a product recall. In this case SOP 17, Incident Management and SOP 18, product recall and withdrawal procedure will be followed.

Complaint levels and type will be trended and data available for management review meetings and for annual assessment of our suppliers and Customer review. Where there has been an increase or repetition of a complaint type, root cause analysis shall be used to implement ongoing improvement to product safety, legality and quality and to avoid re-occurrence.  As applicable, this information will be made available to relevant staff, through staff notice or email.

The effectiveness of corrective / preventive actions taken following complaints will be reviewed by the quality manager and during internal audit.