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Specialising in customised, flexible and lidding packaging films for over 20 years. Our Films can be tailored to suit your individual needs: plain or coated films, barrier-enhanced, print-ready, printed, ovenable, shrink or special-purpose.

Packaging Films are slit to size in-house therefore quality and service is assured. Our films are sourced only from an approved list of quality assured manufacturers. We are fully accredited with BRC and ISO standards. We also offer Film Roll Recovery and Rewinding services.

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Barrier packaging is used for perishable food products or those with a long shelf life. Film with a barrier layer is appropriate to use for products that are packaged in a modified atmosphere or vacuum. Barrier flow-pack film is used for all cooked and raw meats where necessary.

Non-barrier packaging is used for products for which product environmental impact is not particularly important, or they are deep frozen. 


Our selection of sealing films for packaging include:

Form Fill & Seal Films
Form, Fill & Seal Films maintain the quality and freshness of products in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). This can be done by using High Barrier films for O2 exclusion in cooked & cured meats, fresh meat, fish, poultry, dairy, and dried fruit.

With easy peel or reclose functions available to optimise performance and provide consumer convenience. Also, our packaging equipment can use bespoke perforation techniques to balance O2 and CO2 correctly for whole and prepared salads, vegetables and fruit.

Lidding & Bagging Films
Lidding Films are selected according to individual customer processess: polyethylene, polypropylene, APET / CPET or a combination of different materials.

Films of different thicknesses, widths and compositions are developed for packaging of various products and produced with modern equipment.

Flow Wrap Films
A very High Heat Resistance film allows for increases in Seal Temperatures without the film burning. Strong Structure with an Excellent Resistance to Punctures and Tears. Superior Clarity allowing for easy product identification and scanning through the overwrap.

Higher Heat Sealing Temperatures means significantly shorter heat dwell times and noticeably faster machine line speeds – a Higher and More Efficient Rate of Production.

For Composite Material Trays - PET/PE/PP
Ideal for trays with PE or PP sealing layer
Economical solution
Thin and resilient structure
Attractive look and excellent film stability
Ideal for packages with a top quality appearance
Ideal for MAP packaging.
For Mono-material Trays - APET/CPET/PVC
Economical and sustainable
Thinner and more resilient structure
Attractive look
High stability
Printable – ideal for top-quality designs
Anti-Fog Films
Dual ovenable for consumer convenience
Shard-resistant at broad temperature ranges
Amazing product presentation
Barrier coating available for MAP applications
Securely seals to a variety of substrate such as CPET, PP, Paper and Smooth wall aluminum+PE trays
Smooth peelability
Shrink Film
Extremely thin
High shrinkage effect
Wrinkle-free and glossy
Antifog effect
Shrink Film
Extremely thin
High shrinkage effect
Wrinkle-free and glossy
Antifog effect
Skin Film
Easy Open Film, Firm Consistent Peel
Suitable Microwave cooking
Greatly Improves Shelf Life, High Barrier
Tight Seal prevents contents from moving ensuring product is continuously presented at it’s best
Reduction in weight & Packaging Materials – reducing waste footprint
Glossy features & high clarity help give a premium finish.
Flow Pack Film
Selected according to individual customer requirements for packaging
polyethylene, polypropylene or a combination of different materials.
Films of different thicknesses, widths and compositions
FlowPack Films can be printed or clear
Improves packaging line efficiency, consumer appeal or shelf life
Matte finish in register for more attention on shop shelves.


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