RPET packaging solution


RPET – While all PET is fully recyclable, RPET has the extra benefit of being made with recyclable material. Up to 80% of the RPET tray contains raw materials of recycled PET reducing the polymer and oil raw material used to manufacture.

The extra benefit to using RPET is that not only is it predominately made from recycled material but it uses less energy to make an RPET tray than it does to make a virgin PET tray.

Due to reduced weight/material usage and high recycled content the carbon footprint of raw material used in this innovative RPET tray, offerings are in excess of 85% lower than virgin mono PP food trays.

Key Features of using our RPET tray: 

  • Reduced Weight/Material content helps cut transportation costs, in-turn lowering CO2 emissions.
  • It boasts an innovative de-nesting feature suitable for high speed automated end user processes.RPET tray
  • Trays that will facilitate high-speed stacking, packing and safe transportation of a whole range of food products.
  • A high level of rigidity and an excellent barrier performance that is ideally suited to the packaging of poultry.
  • Suitable for Modified Atmosphere Packaging to extend shelf life.
  • Offers a glass-like clarity for clear presentation of product.
  • Boasts an integral feature designed to retain drip loss and the juices from chicken in reservoirs of mini cavities within the base of the tray eliminating the need for a pad. Another key environmental benefit because less material is used in the manufacture of the tray.

Top Sealing

PET mono film – is a rigid film made from polyethylene terephthalate; as a result, the film has appropriate physical and mechanical properties and meets the hygiene requirements applicable to films intended for use in food packaging.

It has a number of important characteristics that are important in the process of production of packaging. One of the key characteristics is strength, our film is shred resistant and allows for us to provide a lighter film with a thickness of only 20 microns.

Our PET film is a co-extruded polyester film with a layer of amorphous heat-sealable polyester film on one surface and plain polyester on the other – ideal for chilled applications where strong, permanent seals with good ‘seal through contamination’ properties are required. It can be heat-sealed to itself or to RPET/APET & CPET trays.

Key Features of using our mono PET film:

  • Anti-fog properties which are ideal for chilled applications
  • Excellent barrier properties, make it suitable for food products
  • Strong, tamper-evident seals
  • Excellent Clarity
  • Suitable for freezing temperatures as low as -18 degrees
  • This film is designed with 30% post-consumer recyclable materials, which greatly reduces your carbon footprint as it provides the lowest greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, and total energy usage of all plastics (including bio-based) to create.


Our Tray design enables ultra-low stacking. The design includes a secondary recess on the outer edge of the tray, which has lowered the stacking height from the current industry standard of 5 mm to 1 mm. A lower stacking height makes handling, storage and internal transportation increasingly effective.

The removal of the PE base film reduces the tray weight by up to 3%.  This also improves the tray clarity markedly bringing the sparkle associated to our food tray.

Three times as many trays can be stacked in the same stack, cardboard box and container. The low stacking height also reduces the need for internal transportation and storage by 67%

The design ensures the trays are produced in a uniform quality to enable flawless de-nesting, providing an effective and profitable production process

Recycled polyethylene terephthalate flakes exhibit good thermal insulation and impact resistance while being cost-effective and energy conservative.

Helps deliver on corporate and social responsibility sustainability goals.

Show Commitment – demonstrate to your customers that you really are committed to the environment.

Maintain Quality – Packaging products in recycled materials is possible without compromising performance, physical properties, storage stability or visual appeal.

The removal of the PE base film reduces the tray weight by up to 3%. This also improved the tray clarity markedly bringing the sparkle associated to our food tray.

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