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Amorphous Polyethylene Terephthalate, abbreviated as APET or simply known as just PET is perfect for the packaging of cold foods. APET trays are also suitable for Modified Atmosphere Packaging. APET packaging is perfect for displaying fresh salads, wraps, seafood, desserts, meats and poultry. It’s high clarity enhances the presentation of the product. It is a material known for its robustness and its resistance to shocks with a good resistance to internal pressure and stress-cracking. It also has good barrier properties regarding gas, UV and water.

APET material is useful for lids, sealing films, salad trays and other packaging that need to show the product (freshness, shape etc.) as APET shows a transparency close to glass.

APET has particularly good sealing properties and gives products an attractive, lustrous appearance. The tray can be used within a temperature range of –40°C to +60°C. This meets the needs of consumers, who require good impact resistance at low temperatures. APET also forms a highly effective barrier against oxygen, water, carbon dioxide and nitrogen.



APET trays are a perfect solution for cold food packaging needs. They are suitable for a wide range of deli, bakery and convenience food applications. These items need to be aesthetically pleasing and built to keep fresh.

These containers are available with hinged lids or with a separate base and lid. Many of our lids are in anti-mist APET for excellent clarity and presentation. Your product will be protected by these strong and durable trays ensuring that the product presentation is of the highest standard.

Flexibility and strength

APET provides greater flexibility because the material is very mouldable and allows for the design of a tray with more than one compartment which improves the presentation and visual appeal of the product. Furthermore, some trays do not provide the same freedom of design as a APET tray, as the material is too unstable to be used for multi-compartment trays.

Multi-compartment trays are advantageous if the tray requires to hold a Salad with both dry and wet food. The quality of the lettuce is improved by storage in a separate compartment to wetter food like beetroot.

multi compartment tray


The APET trays come in a wide variety of shapes, dimensions and multi-compartments. In transparent, it offers a glass like clarity.  It can also be manufactured in different colours. This improves the visual appeal to consumers. Consumer trends show that most consumers make a decision to purchase if they can view the whole product.

Product Features

  • Transparent APET provides excellent clarity
  • Strong yet flexible
  • Freezable down to -40 degrees centigrade
  • Can be sealed with a welded or peelable film – (anti fog and easy peel films available) or with a snap on lid, separate lid or hinged lid.
  • Wide variety of shapes, dimensions and compartments
  • Unique design and a variety of colours to help your product stand out on an ever-busy shelf
  • Easy to separate and stack
  • Stability and durability
  • High food safety with excellent barrier properties and a leak proof seal
  • BPA-free
  • Available in Transparent, Black or any colour
  • Fully Recyclable