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EcoNatural Lucart Dispenser with landscape behind it

EcoNatural is the innovative PAPER+DISPENSER system that gives new life to beverage cartons.

We are delighted to inform you of the launch of our new Eco Natural Range.

EcoNatural Lucart Beverage into Paper and Dispenser Infographic

Thanks to an innovative technology, Lucart separates the components of beverage cartons: from cellulose fibres it creates Fiberpack®, with which it produces paper, and from aluminium and polyethylene it produces Al.Pe.®, the new raw material used for making dispensers. The EcoNatural range is completely Carbon Neutral.

The benefits are evident: recovery of beverage cartons, lower CO2e emissions in the atmosphere and the saving of trees.

For example, with 576 packs of EcoNatural “Z” folded handtowels, equivalent to the amount on a pallet, it is possible to:

EcoNatural Lucart Infographic Statistics

* Considering 1-litre beverage cartons. ** Source: United Nations Environment Programme, Report 2001: Towards a Green Economy. *** Source: European Union Life Cycle Database (ELCD).


The innovative production process that has led to the creation of EcoNatural allows us to recycle all the components of beverage cartons, separating cellulose fibres from polyethylene and aluminium through a mechanical-physical process, without using substances harmful to human health or the environment.

ECONatural Beverage into Paper diagram

Visibility for your customers

Choosing EcoNatural means choosing real sustainability and communicating Climate Neutrality environmental commitments to end users.

Lucart Professional’s dispensers have been screen printed and other communication tools have been created to enhance EcoNatural’s sustainable choice.