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Advantages of PET

The Food, Personal Care, Cosmetic, Household Chemicals and Pharmaceutical market are rapidly discovering all the advantages that PET (Poly-Ethylene-Terephthalate) has to offer, making it the fastest growing packaging material in the industry.

  1. Crystal Clear: PET is one of the few plastics which can be crystal clear with a true sparkling effect giving it the same luxury appeal as glass (without the disadvantages of glass!).
  2. Lightweight: PET packaging can be extremely lightweight, often less than 10% of the (original) weight of a similar packaging in glass. These savings in weight directly result in a substantial reduction of the transport costs as well as offering more convenience to the consumer.
  3. Shatterproof: Packaging produced from PET are virtually unbreakable, making it the preferred material for fillers and end-users and suitable to be used in all kind of environments like at home, on the shelves of the supermarket and at professional environments like hospitals, laboratories, offices etc.
  4. Recyclable: PET can be perfectly recycled, even as far back as full loop cradle-to-cradle recycling.
  5. Used PET packaging is today more and more collected and re-worked back into granulate called rPET (recycled PET), which can be used for making perfect packaging again.
  6. Barrier Properties: Out of today’s standard plastics for packaging PET is one of the best performing materials when looking at barrier properties and chemical resistant.

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