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Evolve – Tray to Tray Recycling

Evolve tray to tray recycling offers packaging solutions made from recycled material and then can be fully recycled into new food packaging after use. The unique look of Evolve packaging solutions reflects the recycled content of the trays and provides consumers with visual clues for making a sustainable choice of food packaging.

The packaging is made from post-consumer recycled content and represents a true reflection of the European PET recycling stream. Bottles and trays are collected and recycled to make the packaging, which is only available in naturally fluctuating tones since no extra colour is added during recycling and production.

Therefore, the colour of each tray reflects the specific blend of recycled material that it is made from. This creates a unique look that clearly signals to consumers that they are making a sustainable choice when picking food packed in Evolve by Faerch. It also guarantees that Evolve by Faerch products can be reliably detected using current sorting technologies because they have been detected before.

Evolve complies with the strictest food regulations keeping food safe in the entire temperature range between -40C and + 220C. It is quickly outperforming alternative packaging materials in particular on food safety, recycled content, and recyclability.

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