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Our range of Nobac linerless label applicators are designed for maximum flexibility. In addition to sleeving fixed-weight products, these machines can link to weigh-scales from a range of manufacturers for variable-weight products, as well as check weighing. Labels are supplied in a range of weights and materials, including paper and polypropylene. All adhesives are optimised for individual products. A diverse range of machine variants are available, dependent on product type and specification.

The range is extremely robust, suiting even the most rigorous of factory environments.

Linerless Explained

A linerless label is a pre-printed pressure sensitive label that has no need for liner or backing paper. The labels are wound on a roll or reel and feature a silicone strip applied to the top of the label that prevents the adhesive from the underside sticking to the label below.

When label converters consider their options, the bottom line has to be cost. When comparing linerless label benefits to self-adhesive, linerless provides a cost effective alternative to its backing paper counterparts. Taking into account that a roll of finished labels has a good percentage of release liner, it’s easy to imagine how many more actual labels can fit on to a roll. Lower costs can also be calculated by taking into account expenditure associated with weight, packing and shipping costs. In terms of manufacturing efficiency, the number of roll changes during production and the time to change rolls is reduced, and because there are more labels are on a roll, inventory space is reduced.

Linerless Label Coating

One of the aspects of linerless labels that add to a label’s overall performance is the release coating being applied to the face of the label. The release coating acts as a protective coating for UV, moisture and chemical resistance, adding to a label’s longevity. By utilising the face and the back of the label means that you get more space to feature information – great for driving engagement and providing a competitive edge when products need to stand out on shelf.  Unlike traditional self-adhesive labels where printing on the adhesive can act as a deadener and affect performance, linerless labels are virtually adhesive free on the reverse so in effect you have two selling faces.

Within the factory, linerless labels promote a clean room environment when compared to traditional self-adhesive labels which is especially apparent at the point of application. Label liner needs to be collected then disposed of at a cost to the packer and it also takes up a lot of space with waste bins cluttering up the working area.

What are the main advantages when comparing linerless to self-adhesive?

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Linerless Label Benefits