Lidding Films

Lidding and Sealing Films


We have the most diverse lidding film range available on the global market. And thanks to our in-house Film Production room, our rolls can be tailored to whatever size you need.

Our market-leading lidding films include films with superior peelability, resealability, weldable, micro-perforations, high barrier capabilities and  exceptional clarity.

Our Films seal to PP, PET, CPET, PE, PS, ALU, Compostable and Paper-board

We have also developed a “Courier-proof” pack – Our lidding film is so strong it will withstand the harshest environment without bursting.

 Our experienced technical team will work closely with you in order to supply the optimal film for your product, machine and process.

Different Films available:

  • Peelable Seal – Our peel film offers great performance, providing a leak-proof and tamper-evident pack with the added convenience of being peelable.
  • Weldable Seal – Our weldable seal provides the strongest seal type and the film has to be cut from the tray.  Available with high barrier properties for MAP application and is suitable for retort, hot-fill and pasteurisation. It is a truly diverse lidding film that protects, presents and preserves contents with great reliability.
  • Skin – Our range of high barrier, vacuum skin lidding films deliver extended shelf life with enhanced visual appeal and preservation of quality and taste for protein. Skin lidding film offers improved pack processing and is the perfect combination with a tray for food protection and consumer appeal.
  •  Stretch / Overwrap – A range of premium stretch films are the perfect choice for everyday use to help reduce food waste and protect food. Exceptionally strong with outstanding clarity, high cling performance and superb sealing they are ideal at home, in retail or the hospitality and catering sector.
  • Reseal Film – improves consumer convenience and reduces food waste. Engineered to be a drop-in solution for existing tray sealers and form-fill-seal equipment, it offers outstanding shelf presence that holds up to stacking, while also offering a patented, tamper-evident design. Consumers appreciate the convenience of multiple reseals that extends the shelf life of perishable products, as well as reducing food waste at home.
  • Flow Pack – Range of plain or printed film, designed to run at high speed on your Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machines (HFFS) and Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines (VFFS) to produce the final packaging format you require. Film can be supplied as a single layer (monolayer) or as a multi-layer laminate, with layers performing specific functions within the structure of the packaging.

Films can have the following properties:

Lidding Film Properties