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Mono – cPET (Recycled PET)



Dimensions (mm)

185 x 185 x 34

Volume (ml)


Temperature Range

–40°C to +220°C.

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C0185-1A evolve

evolve is made from an average of up to 85% recycled PET post consumer waste (PCW), uniquely utilising mixed coloured PET as attractive food packaging. As the products are created from a natural mix of recycled PET, their colour will vary; the different palettes of colours enable consumers to recognise they use a recycled and circular product. This material offers true sustainability.

evolve trays are reliably detected by existing sorting infrastructure in the UK, NI and ROI and returned to the mixed jazz stream where they can be recycled into new food safe products again and again.

evolve cPET is ideally suited for the packaging of ready meals. They have a resistance to high temperatures, are suitable for freezing and are available in a range of sizes and are outperforming alternative sustainable packaging materials on food safety, recycled content and recyclability.

evolve plastic ready meal food trays are practical, effective and affordable, both in terms of sealing and of performance. They are the perfect solution for both conventional and microwave oven cooking.


Suitable for MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging)

Leak-Proof – Top Sealed with Lidding Film

Can be sealed with a welded or peelable film

Heat resistant in conventional and microwave ovens to 220°C

Freezable down to -40°C

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