C2D Black rPET


Mono – rPET (Recycled PET)

Pet 1






Dimensions (mm)

180 x 130 x 28


Suitable for MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging)

Leak-Proof – Top Sealed with Lidding Film

Temperature Range

–18°C to +40°C.

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RPET – While all PET is fully recyclable, RPET has the extra benefit of being made with recyclable material. Up to 80% of the RPET tray contains raw materials of recycled PET reducing the polymer and oil raw material used to manufacture.

The extra benefit to using RPET is that not only is it predominately made from recycled material but it uses less energy to make an RPET tray than it does to make a virgin PET tray.

Due to reduced weight/material usage and high recycled content the carbon footprint of raw material used in this innovative RPET tray, offerings are in excess of 85% lower than virgin mono PP food trays.

Offers a high level of rigidity and an excellent barrier performance.