CareTainer – Ref 25

Caretainer receptacles can receive used bandages and medical tools. Can be used for various functions. Larger Capacity than traditional Kidney Dish. Strong Sides so able to support weight of contents when full.

  • Product dimensions : 143 x 111 x 28mm
  • Nb pieces / bundles : 1320
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Stackable (Easy to Store)


A major challenge facing the medical industry is the risk of cross-contamination inpatient care. The management of human waste can quickly turn into a high risk of cross-infection to patients and staff. Medical moulded pulp can reduce this risk.

When single-use moulded pulp urinals, bowls and dishes are safely disposed of in a macerator after use, they’re removing any risk of cross-contamination when compared to traditional washing. Waste and the moulded pulp product are inserted into the macerator which then pulverises the pulp and removes it, sending the waste into the sewage system.

Compared to the cost of reusing metal utensils – including the use of chemicals, spend on heating hot water and staff time to clean – moulded pulp is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly and time-saving choice.

This line of solutions offers different dimensions to meet medical staff’s needs on a daily-basis. They are manufactured from recycled paper, and are FSC certified.