EcoNatural L-one Maxi Centrefeed System

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ABS & Polypropylene


  • Less Waste – Less sheets used, less time spent refilling.
  • Costs are lower – Reduced maintenance, fewer refills and less transport.
  • Reduced storage: Less stockroom space required.
  • Practical one hand action – By pulling out a single sheet, using one hand, this will save valuable time, making the L-ONE even more efficient.
  • Hygienic and Safe – Meaning the dispenser protects the roll from the dust, dirt and other environmental factors that it will face.
  • The Single-sheet extraction system, means each sheet will only be handled by the person who pulls it out from the dispenser, eradicating all possibilities of cross-contamination, in accordance with HACCP requirements.
  • Versatile – Ideal for many environments including workshops, professional kitchens, industrial settings, washroom areas, schools and more.
  • Hygiene and consumption control ensured by single-sheet dispensing.
  • Made from ABS and polypropilene plastic to ensure maximum strength against potential damages.
  • Lockable dispenser designed for locking and protecting the contents of the dispenser in addition to making it more secure.

360mm x 245mm x 240mm (H x L x D)


EcoNatural L-One Maxi Centrefeed Roll Dispenser

L-ONE MAXI Dispenser designed to dispense wiper rolls efficiently and cost-effectively.

70% REDUCTION IN PAPER – By using the L-ONE Maxi dispenser, with its single-sheet dispensing, this will deliver a reduction in consumption of at least 70%.

This will minimise wastage and maximise the amount of dispenses users will get out of the rolls.

Each dispenser is made from a tough ABS plastic and polypropylene to ensure that damage is absolutely limited to the dispenser, meaning these dispensers not only last longer, but are stylish and look good on any interior design. Our Dispensers are Free on Loan so no additional costs for installation.

Absolutely ideal for any professional kitchen, washroom area, office, food manufacturing, food processing factory or just about any other workplace.

Dimensions are 360mm x 245mm x 240mm (H x L x D)


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We are committed to reducing the impact of the packaging of products on the environment, favouring recycled paper or recycled plastic packaging.


Dispenser rolls available in Strong Blue, Strong Maxi and Eco Natural.


The L-ONE EcoNatural systems combine the advantage of single-sheet dispensing with the quality of eco-certified paper.


Fiberpack® is raw material obtained from recycled cellulose fibres contained in beverage cartons. Fiberpack® is an environmental and technological success grown out of the association between Lucart and Tetra Pak®.


EcoNatural dispensers are soon to be made of Al.Pe.®, the raw material that derives from the recycling of aluminium and polyethylene present in beverage cartons.

The benefits are evident: recovery of beverage cartons, lower CO2e emissions in the atmosphere and the saving of trees.

For example, with 576 packs of EcoNatural “Z” folded handtowels, equivalent to the amount on a pallet, it is possible to:

* Considering 1-litre beverage cartons. ** Source: United Nations Environment Programme, Report 2001: Towards a Green Economy. *** Source: European Union Life Cycle Database (ELCD).