TopView 2 X 10

Egg Size: S / M / L

Number of Eggs: 10

Container Size: 247 x 109 x 69mm

Top Labelling

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Eco Friendly –

100% Recyclable / Compostable

100% Recycled

Responsible & Sustainable packs production


TopCom Pulp Fibre egg boxes are available in several colors with the possibility to add a Top Label for optimal enhancement of your image. TopCom solutions are made from recycled paper. They are recyclable, compostable and FSC certified.

  • Capacity: 10
  • Dimensions: 247 x 109 x 69mm
  • Package Contents: 170pcs
  • Number of packs/ pallet*: 36


Composition (materials used):

Recycled Fibre Products. Fibre made of at least 95% recycled paper, fresh fibre in variable proportions with the addition of process-stabilizing additives such as glue, hydro-phobing agents, de-foamers and water, Possible presence of dye. The final solution may include a label.

Intended use:

For the packaging of dry foodstuffs which are washed, peeled before consumption.

Restriction of use:

Not suitable for moist and fatty foods, liquids and foods containing alcohol. Not suitable for use in microwave ovens, for heating and/or packaging of cooked and/or hot food and/or for use in the freezer.

Storage and transport conditions:

We recommend a storing temperature of 15 – 30° C and a relative humidity of 50 – 60% for these products. If stored in a non-air-conditioned environment, please protect the products from humidity as well as direct sunlight and too humid and too dry air (blow pipe). We recommend a shelf life of five years under the specified conditions.


Goods are sensitive to mechanical impact and must not be subjected to impacts or be exposed to high pressure. Goods must be protected from moisture and humidity. Use outside the intended
purpose is the responsibility of the user.


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