PP Lidding Film P12-11050

Heat Seals to Tray Type: PP & PE

PET 12 micron + Adhesive + PE based Peel 50 micron


Suitable for Microwave

Suitable for Freezing – max -20°C

Suitable for Chilled

Anti – Fog

Sizes – Available in any size requested

Enquire / Order Saup to 100°Cmple


PP Lidding Film – P12-11050 Peelable to PP and PE trays.

All our Lidding Films are slit in house, so are available in any size required by the customer

Most Common Lengths – 250lms , 500lms, 750lms, 1000lms

Most Common Widths –  200, 250, 260, 325, 340, 370, 400, 415, 420


Lidding Film

Seals to Tray Types Anti-Fog UV Peelable Weldable Recycle / Energy Recovery Material Suitable for Oven Suitable for Microwave Suitable for Freezing Suitable for Chilled


P12 11050


Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes Yes Yes

Polypropylene / Polyethylene Peel


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Lidding Films

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