• User friendly.
  • Mounted on casters for easy mobility.
  • Servo controlled table for smooth indexing.
  • An integrated setup wizard walks the operator through tool changes step by step, simplifying and deskilling the process.
  • Highly intuitive touch screen provides user friendly operation with real time feedback and instructions, meaning greater reliability and reduced downtime.
  • Automatic height adjusting pot dispenser removes the need for operator setup allowing for different depths of pots on the same change parts.
  • High speed laser pot detection.
  • Servo driven intelligent pre-cut lid pick and place.
  • Built in lid detection with multiple retry options.
  • Recipe controlled Servo Fill option.
  • Highly accurate heater control system.
  • A single point cable entry on the main cubicle ensures IP66 rating is maintained.
  • LED status technology on guard switch.
  • Increased storage under machine bed.
  • Single piece stainless steel table to aid with machine hygiene.
  • Quick release remove-able hygienic eject conveyor.
  • Cleverly designed guarding for complete wash down access.
  • Torque monitoring and torque limiting functions alert operator to problems before they arise.
  • Seamless integration of 3rd party fillers (wet or dry).
  • Sale, lease purchase and rental options tailored to suit all requirements.





This range of rotary pot filling and closing machines is designed to offer flexibility with a variety of filling and closing options. Supplied with the capability to seal pre-cut lids or reel fed film with clip on overcaps or a range of tamper evident closures. Integration with a wide range of fillers is offered as standard giving an extremely versatile solution. These machines are designed to handle pre-formed pots, jars and bottles.


The Rotofill has the ability to heat seal reel fed film, pre-cut foil, paper or laminate lids to preformed trays and containers of CPET, Polypropylene, PVC, Styrene, Board, Smooth walled foil, pre-cut board, Paper, Plastic, and many other types of containers.


  • Simple, lightweight change parts.
  • Quick release, tool less operation.
  • Precision change parts produce an accurate film cut with profiled peel tabs if required.
  • Ultimate sealing flexibility, single, dual and triple impression options.
  • Colour anodising options can be supplied to aid identification.
  • Quick release sealing head with built-in fail safe locator to prevent incorrect removal.
  • The tool is connected by a robust plug and socket.  The single point connection simplifies loading and unloading of the tool.
  • In-built fail safe eject mechanism to ensure successful discharge of packaging.
  • Table inserts simply locate each pot and are easily interchangeable for alternative change parts.
  • Pre-cut lid or reel fed options.
  • Pre-set, accurate dowels enable fast locating mechanical interface.
  • Interchangeable nozzles and pump tubes for differing product types.
  • Time saving self-centralising dowels locate the denester and lid pick and place assemblies simplifying changeovers.


  • Full hygienic, robust construction to food industry standards
  • Full open access with interlocked guarding and open construction machine bed for hygiene


  • Reel stock film feed with automatic rewind film waste.  Full servo control with integrated continuous torque monitoring (CMT) provides precise film tension control – synchronised with table movement.
  • Film registration option for printed film.
  • MAP-F (Modified Atmosphere Packaging).
  • Servo driven over cap applier with built-in presence detection and multiple retry option.
  • Pre-fill stations for layered products.
  • Product tank agitation.
  • Date coder integration ready.
  • Double skinned tanks for hot products.
  • Tank temperature probe for accurate product temperatures.
  • Tank level probe for automatic fill.
  • Hot product fill nozzle and piston parts.
  • Interchangeable nozzle types.
  • Flexibility in guarding – option laser cut stainless steel vs polycarbonate cartridges for improved visibility.
  • Rotary accumulation table.
  • Can be integrated with additional dry product filling equipment.
  • Industrial remote access solution for remote diagnostics and program updates.
  • Change part storage.

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