Linerless Label Applicators

Our range of Nobac linerless label applicators are designed for maximum flexibility, for applying linerless labels and eliminates the need to turn the packs. Linerless labels are continuously rolled up on a roll. A thin silicon layer on the top of the label prevents them from sticking together. On the bottom side of the labels is an adhesive layer which is activated by heat during application and thus adheres to the package.
The big advantage is, that linerless labels are individually cut during the labelling process. For example, wrap-around labelling as a C or D label is also possible. No matter what type of packaging will be used: Skin packs, MAP trays as well as round products.

In addition to sleeving fixed-weight products, these machines can link to weigh-scales from a range of manufacturers for variable-weight products, as well as check weighing. Labels are supplied in a range of weights and materials, including paper and polypropylene. All adhesives are optimised for individual products. A diverse range of machine variants are available, dependent on product type and specification.

Labels can be applied for formats below:

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Nobac 5000SP salami Label Fruit Linerless Label Format

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