Nobac 5000T

Nobac 5000T –

A linerless label is a pre-printed pressure sensitive label that has no need for liner or backing paper. The labels are wound on a roll or reel and feature a silicone strip applied to the top of the label that prevents the adhesive from the underside sticking to the label below.
These simple adhesive strips applied to the underside, means that there is an increased surface print area for featuring additional information and marketing mechanics to the back of the label.

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Nobac 5000T

The Nobac 5000T twin head linerless applicator is a new modular system, building on the functionality of Nobac 5000 machine. Meeting the requirements of today’s retailers and packers needs for higher speeds, less downtime and quicker product changes.

Label length  500mm

Label/Sleeve width 55-125mm*

Pack height 120*mm

Speed ppm 150*

Power Supply v/Hz 230/50

Consumption kW 0.6

Air Consumption cfm 4

  • Enables continuous operation with two labelling heads in line.
  • Ability to swap between heads to allow label reels or thermal printer ribbon to be changed on the unused head.
  • Allows preparation in readiness for labelling the next product.
  • Features two independent covers for label cutting and feeding mechanisms to enable packs to pass on either of the heads.
  • Continuous application of promotional labels achieved using a Trojan Flash labeller.
  • Many label formats including top labelling, die cut and shaped.

Uses single phase power and air supply of 5bar 70psi 4cfm
*General range for system. Specific label sizes and speeds agree at time of build

Just contact us to discuss and we will find the optimal solution to suit your requirements.

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