Eclipse SL2


  • Atmospheric sealing
  • MAP-F (Gas Flushing)
  • Fully portable with fixed locking feet
  • Date coder integration ready
  • Bypass/Passive conveyor available
  • Industry 4.0 ready


  • Automatic standby mode when not in use
  • Reduced gas consumption with MAP sealing


  • User-friendly high clarity 12” HMI touch screen
  • Interactive HMI with operator prompts
  • Accurate monitor temperature control
  • Zonal guarding protection system


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Eclipse SL2

The Eclipse SL2 is the entry level automatic tray sealer combining medium speed output with quick tool changes and a compact space saving design. It can be used to seal reel fed film to pre-formed trays and can be configured to use MAP-F gas flushing for extended shelf life. Dependent on the tray size and packing mode it can seal up to 3 packs at a time giving a maximum output of 54 packs per minute

The Eclipse SL2 is designed to accommodate the top and base tools from the EC182 machine to provide a cost effective transition to automation from semi automatic tray sealing. Compressed air and electric supply is required for this machine.


The Eclipse SL2 has the ability to heat seal reel fed film, PET, Polypropylene, PVC, Styrene, Board, Smooth walled foil, pre-cut board, Pulp, Paper, Plastic, and many other types of containers.


  • POD-tech, cartridge style tooling – gives a 90%   reduction in any unplanned downtime
  • Can accept rotary top tools with modified bases and new transfer arms
  • Two minute tool changeover
  • Quick release tools
  • Inbuilt tool docking system aligns electrical and gas connectors
  • Lightweight tooling
  • Quick release cutting blades
  • Waterproof heater mats, rapid warm up times
  • Eco-Cut film saving tooling options
  • Inside-cut & foil crimping functions


  • Full hygienic, robust construction to food industry standards
  • Full open access with interlocked guarding and open construction machine bed for hygiene
  • Quick release removable conveyors


  • Automatic recipe driven film set up
  • Film snap protection
  • Easy to follow guided film path for loading
  • Self-diagnostic
  • Tool pack block sensor to avoid smash ups
  • Pack crush protection on stepping belt
  • Industrial remote access diagnosis
  • Interactive screen: coder can be controlled through the machine HMI

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