Fill Seal 2500


The Fill Seal 2500 is a rotary table filler sealer, suitable for small and medium production runs. This machine is very flexible thanks to the numerous options, for example: lidding, Doser in CIP, laminar flow hood. The machine’s movements are mechanically controlled by a camshaft system and a microprocessor that guarantee high quality and reliability. Ideal for packaging dairy products, sauces, creams and other liquid/meal foods.
The maximum production capacity is about 2500 pcs per hour and can seal containers up to 125 mm in diameter.

Fill Seal 2500 allows to pack and seal the product in preformed trays, by sealing, vacuum and modified atmosphere (MAP).

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Fill Seal 2500

The Fill Seal 2500 is a filling/sealing machine suitable for small to medium production runs for dosing and packaging different product consistencies: liquid, dense, pasty. It is ideal for companies operating in the dairy sector, sauces, creams and everything that includes a product to be dosed. The machine allows the use of various types of pre-formed containers and can be customised thanks to numerous options that can be adapted to any production requirement. The perfect solution for medium production.

Main Standard Features

Stainless steel structure
Touch screen
Hygienic design
Mechanical drive
Quick mould change
Maximum integrability and customization
Doser brushless

Main Options and Accessories

Automatic snap on lids
Laminar flow hood
Film Version
Cup denester
System for sanitizing materials
Doser additional
CIP washing configuration
Coding/printing systems
Large capacity container warehouse
Print centering system (film version)
Vacuum Gas version (film version)
Version for glass/ceramic

Main technical data

Machine weight (Kg) approx. 550
Installed Power (Kw) 4.5
Air consumption (bar – lt/cycle) 6 – approx. 5
Max. diameter Containers (mm) 125 (1 x cycle)
Max. height Containers (mm) 130

Machine dimensions

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